After much careful thought, we have decided to close the shop.  The after affects of the fire and the job ahead is too overwhelming.  Our last day is Jan 31, 2014. 
Our current location is 404 E Lincolnway.


JAN 27 through JAN 31

FABRIC - $4.00/yd
Buy 5 or more yards of the same print - $3/yd
Finish a bolt - $3/yd

We still have lots to choose from ... but better hurry before it is all gone.
patterns - $3 ea or 4 for $10
notions & stencils - 50% off
floss - .10/skein

Please note we are accepting
cash and checks only.

Hope to see you soon.
On July 5th, the building that houses Needle & Thread sustained a fire. If you were unaware, the shop was located on the first floor and we lived on the top two floors.  Please continue reading for some fire stories.

STORY #1:  My 95 year old mother lives with us.  Mentally she is very with it but physically she is a little slow, uses a walker, and doesn't do stairs.  When we needed to evacuate her on the night of the fire, she decided she would sit down on the stairs and 'bump' her way down.  Although she was not in immediate danger, the police man standing next to me and the fireman coming up the stairs said they would carry her down.  My mom turned to me and again informed me that she would just sit down on the steps and bump her way down, that she would be fine.  With a big swoop, the policeman grabbed my mom from behind under her arms and the fireman grabbed my mom from the front under her legs and in a flash, they carried her down the stairs.  Later that evening, my daughter-in-law drove my mom to her home.  Mom complained the whole time about the men carrying her down the stairs, that if they hadn't been in such a hurry, she would have been just fine and could have done it herself.  My daughter-in-law's response was that if it had been her, she would have crawled back up the stairs and made them carry her down again.  It is all in the perspective.

STORY #2:  Service Master is a company that comes in after a fire to remove and restore furniture, photos, etc.  One of their people was boxing up items from a cabinet, when my friends K & S
stopped by.  They chatted a little with the lady.  The lady commented that there were a lot of nice things in the house and that she hated when they had to clean out a whorehouse.  K was a little dismayed.  Although she didn't say anything, she began to wonder 'How many of those are around here? How bad are they? How often do they catch on fire?'  The next day K was talking again to my friend S and brought up the subject.  S looked at her and said "She didn't say 'a whorehouse', she said 'a hoarder's house'."  "Oh."

STORY #3:  I have a blue glass hand (sorry no photo available at this time) that sits on a window ledge with my blue glass collection.  Some of the blue glass pieces were totally shattered, some came out just fine, and my blue glass hand lost its ring finger.  A friend suggested that I also break off the middle finger and then the hand would be saying 'I love you ' in sign language.  When I told this to my sister, she suggested that I also breakoff the pointer finger (leaving just the thumb and pinkie) so that the hand would now be giving the Hawaiian 'hang ten'.  My son suggested breaking off all the fingers except one.  I think perhaps I will leave the hand as it is, and just call it the 'I mostly survived' sign.
PS We looked every where for the missing finger, but it never showed up. 

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